12 things I've learnt in 2018....

photo by @Tiatalula_photography

photo by @Tiatalula_photography

How has your year been?

It’s funny if you had a tough year you probably thinking I can’t wait to see the back of it, even if you do feel like this, when we look back there’s always something we can take from it and learn from it. 

How we look at something is everything, because this shift in perception can help us when things feel tough, that doesn’t mean we bypass things but it’s looking at things differently in a way it can help serve us.

So here’s twelve things I’ve learnt this year: 

1 That I’ve learnt to trust myself more, by doing this the knock on effect has been I’m getting better at knowing myself, what I can and can’t do, and that I don’t need to look outside of myself for the answers. 

2 Never underestimate the power of rest and self care, whatever your wellness level quality rest and self care, improves everything and is a life long practise to undertake, you will get benefits that will enhance your life in every way no matter how small they are. We live in a fast paced world with lots of pressure on people, so we really need to realise we don’t need to do everything at once. 

You can have it all and be burnt out, so cherishing rest is not just something to do once in a while it’s a life long practise that will serve you. 

3 We can achieve the things that seem impossible, this year setting up my blog, podcast and writing my book seemed almost impossible, but when we work with ourselves in our own way and pace that works for us and making ease the intention behind it, we can makes things happen. 

4 It’s not about how much we do, it’s about how we do it, we have this illusion the more we do the more we will achieve this isn’t the case, it's about being effective and doing what works for you with the level you are at. 

5 The power of getting present is something I’ve really aligned with this year, when we start to feel the present moment it shifts us, it’s a life long thing and doing this daily will shift and improve your life and you will become more present with where you are and you will stop wishing your time and life away, and start to experience life in a way that connects to whats really happening in your life, it also helps us achieve things in a more streamed lined way because we are more present. 

6 The continual journey of allowing ourselves to feel emotions such as anger and sadness as well as all the positive ones, helps us heal and understand ourselves better and feel things fully, in way that allows us to move through things.

7 We never stop learning, and through this we expand, this expansion can help us grow and develop, and we inwardly and outwardly improve our lives with what we learn.

8 The power of asking for help and that it’s not weakness it’s powerful, because it allows us to achieve things and get the best out of ourselves, because we are supported.

9 It’s ok to mess up, we learn in the mess, it’s often where we find our truth and direction and the path we are meant to be on. 

10 It’s good to own your power, it’s so easy to put ourselves down and believe we must dim our light and shrink to fit in, this ends up draining our life force, when we empower ourselves and own it, we get the best out of our life and the situation we are in. 

11 Small steps are everything, even if it feels like you haven’t achieved much, every little step helps and if you keep building on those small steps they will eventually turn into bigger things. 

12 We are all different and thats ok, when we embrace our differences it helps us step into who we truly are. It’s our differences that make each of us magic. 

These are just a few things, and I feel like I’m continually growing and learning and embracing more of who I am. 

What have you learnt in 2018, I would love to hear them?

So however your year has been, take that time to reflect and look back because like I said even in the mess and the darkness there are things we can take from it. 

I intend you all a good 2019 and a happy new year. 

Thank you for all your support on this blog and for my podcast, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it, it really means the world. 

 All my love 

Hannah X