Are you open to receiving...?

photo by lina-trochez-unsplash.

photo by lina-trochez-unsplash.

It’s a funny thing because most of us give so easily, but when it comes to receiving it’s one of those things we struggle with more than we realise. 

I mean ‘how easy do you find it to receive?’. 

This is something I’ve been exploring recently because I realised in so many areas of my life deep down, I struggle with receiving because a deeper part of me feels like I don’t always deserve it. Whether it’s a compliment or praise, or me having to receive something without giving back, but its something I’ve really set to changing and working on. 

I think this stems from deep down in many of us, like myself we believe we don’t deserve it or we feel guilty. Its very much how the world is set up and from a young age many of us have this programming that we have to really earn something to receive it, or we’ve had to behave or be extra good in some way order to receive it. Receiving isn’t seen as a natural or easy thing, and if you’re someone like me that finds giving much easier, and we can run the risk of getting unbalanced and being a chronic over giver which often so many women end up doing ( please note I am aware this applies to men also). So when we end up at the receiving end of things we are often so blocked, it doesn’t feel good or easy and we can even end up feeling embarrassed.  

Also don’t get me wrong nothing feels better than giving a gift for instance without needing to receive back, it’s finding the balance always. 

This is something if you’re struggling with that you can change it and it will change your life for the better if you do this, and it will really shift your perceptions of things. Because what we don’t realise, is receiving is often linked to how we look after ourselves and our wellbeing, so if we don’t believe deep down we deserve something or we haven’t worked hard enough for it or done anything for it. We won’t think we are worthy of it, our view on self worth has a big role to play. This links to pleasure also, we get so blocked off  when it comes to receiving sexually, we struggle and we don’t fully let go. 

The good news is we can work on this and it will spill over into all aspects of our lives once we get to grips with it. We can restore the balance and it will really benefit our lives. 

So how to we go about changing this, we firstly need to get really clear and honest with ourselves about it and the areas of our lives its affects, and importantly how it makes us feel. Getting clear with how it makes us feel gives us the clues where it really feels uncomfortable. I would suggest finding a buddy to help you with this, because if you can share this experience with someone, it helps you when you when you feel you’re not getting anywhere. 

Each of us will have different things we struggle with, breaking it down means we can set about changing that. For instance it we struggle when someone compliments us, I know I sometimes I feel uncomfortable thinking I don’t deserve it, yet I can happily compliment someone myself. 

We can work with getting comfortable with it, bit by bit and like all things once clear with something and we can take baby steps with it, and we can begin to break it down and own it. Once we ‘own it’ this is everything. This will be an on going process because like all things when we are deeply programmed with something, its need practise to change the story. But if you’re willing, you will shift the balance with this and you will see the benefit in your life as a whole. 

Like always this is a huge topic I’ve touched on here and to anyone reading this, its something you can deeply explore.

Do you struggle with receiving ?

Can you identify the things ways you struggle? 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

All my love 

Hannah X