Are you thriving right now?

Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The word ‘thrive’ means different things to different people, for a great many it means big success and you’re thriving in what you’re doing and riding high on it and your life is flowing. 

For me, a powerful word like this is one you need to claim for yourself and redefine it in a way that will work for you instead of having an unrealistic expectation. Allowing yourself to move from a space of surviving to thriving in your own way is an incredibly powerful and potent thing to do. We need to begin with working out what thriving means to us as an individual and how we would feel being in that space, and how it would look. 

When we stop living our lives comparing it to what we think we should be doing but actually what we want to be doing or in some cases what we are able to do, we allow ourselves to access this feeling of thriving. Once we get clear on this we can start to explore the idea of learning to thrive within our space, one that will work for you and work with where you're at and it doesn’t matter where this is either. Bringing out the best in you so ultimately you thrive in your way. 

Once we begin to thrive in our own way it will spill into every aspect of our lives, and help us live a more empowered life where we get the most out of it. Accepting this will look different for everyone and that this is okay is the key here, and gets you focusing on what will work for you. 

For me having to claim this word back meant thriving with the space I was at with my health, and to stop looking at how I felt I was failing and comparing myself to other people of how their lives were looking and what I couldn’t do. But to reclaim myself by working with what I could do and how in that small space I could thrive at it, for me this was stopping the cycles of boom and bust learning to rest and listen to my body and manage the pain. Using tools and techniques that would support and help me with this. Because ultimately getting on top of this even if to the outside world it looked like I was barely achieving anything, I began to turnaround this surviving to thriving. Thriving in my space rather than anyone else version, this spilled out into my overall well being and I felt like I was managing life better and getting more out of it. Even though many of these things were little things I was achieving, my mental well being improved and I was able to get the best out of my life. What it also meant, was because I was in this thriving mindset when I overdid it and slipped up the comebacks were easier. Because once you're tapped into a feeling and you connect to it, you remember it so you want to go back to it. The connection to the feeling is the important thing here. 

So next time you’re looking at someone's life and thinking they are thriving and comparing yourself to them and feeling that it looks impossible. Shift this perspective and look to create your version of thriving no matter what it looks like but what works for you, it all counts and creates momentum and you doing you is pretty much the best thing you can do and is really what matters. 

So my suggestion to you is to ask yourself this...

How are you judging your life to another and feeling they are thriving and you’re not?

What does thriving mean to you?

How would it look for you?

Explore how this would feel for you!