Just Begin

Photo by  Florian Klauer  on  Unsplash

Often to begin something is the hardest thing we have to face, because we are facing the unknown. 

This is me right now, birthing a new book to life, bringing it and its message alive through this website, and bringing myself alive with the process. 

We face all these fears of, ‘will be I be good enough?’, ‘what if it doesn’t bring anything to people?’ and ‘what if I’m just wasting my time?’. Which of course, is merely my fear projections, common ones which many people face when they are beginning things. The biggest thing I’ve faced writing my book so far is realising the stories I run which hold me back, that often keep me stuck. How there are bits of me I am afraid of being seen. Thankfully I know I’m not alone with this, which of course allows us to take our power back. 

So hello and welcome to this blog, Im ready to do this and show up. I Hope that some of it will help and inspire people. 

As someone who is living within the centre of health situation, a genetic issue called Ehlers Danlos syndrome, POTS and mast cell issues amongst things. Now this has altered my life and limited me in ways but I’ve found ways to rise within this situation and make the best of it and most importantly reconnect to myself, because these situations often detach us from ourselves. Our job is to remember and reconnect and realise we are more than what is happening to us. 

Now I’m always open to healing, but learning to live within it rather than waiting, was the real turning point for me. I spent many years waiting for the magic bullet, the most liberating thing was realising that I had to start living. More importantly to choose this everyday, waiting keeps us stuck, learning to make the best of things no matter how small is a game changer. It shifts us and creates a momentum that allows us to access joy no matter where we are at. Of course often if we are feeling in a low place, even this seems impossible but what I’m here to assure you of, is that it is possible and is merely you choosing to begin to look at what you’re facing differently. 

The key…. is to begin small so it doesn’t feel overwhelming, and to start appreciating the little things in your life. Make lists and feel that gratitude, this for me was a huge turning point. It allows you to start seeing your situation differently and  will change how you relate to it. It doesn’t mean you wont have a tough day sometimes but you will always have this to come back to. This is the game changer, this is the magic of beginning and following through with it.

So I put this to you the reader:

What are you trying to begin? 

What is holding you back? 

What are the fears behind the thing holding you back? 

I'm here to tell you, just begin because 'what’s the worst that can happen?'