Episode 11 - Finding Grace with Kamran Bedi

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On this episode of finding grace today I am joined by Kamran Bedi, who is a speaker, coach and author of the wonderful best selling book ‘Your mind is your home’. 

Kamran is an anxiety specialist.

We met through a mutual friend, I really love kamran’s work of such an important topic that affects so many of us throughout different stages of our lives. 

In this episode we discuss what finding grace means to Kamran, and his personal journey with anxiety. 

We cover how in society anxiety is prevalent and how we find grace with this. 

The impact social media on anxiety and how we tackle this.

We discus his process on writing his book, and delve into the book and how our mind is our home and what happens when we work with this. 

He brings his wisdom, tools and tips to the table. I hope you enjoy this episode.

I loved being able to have this discussion with a friend on something that affects so many and how we can tackle this. 

I highly recommend giving Kamran’s book a read its available on amazon, you can find Kamran on Instagram and twitter @coachkamrankedi

If you would like to work with Kamran his website is www.kamranbedi.com 

You can find me on twitter @hannahwallace_ Instagram @hannah_wallace11

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Episode 11 - Finding Grace with Kamran Kedi

Meet kamran

- Coach - Anxiety specialist

- Best selling author of " You Mind is Your Home”

- Speaker

- Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis

- Pilates PT


Kamran is passionate, about helping people free their minds, heal their bodies and nourish their soul. Guiding people to navigate their minds, get clarity take control of their life, gain confidence and manage stress. I love Kamran’s message and work and highly recommend working with him.