Episode 18 - Finding Grace with Dr David Hamilton PHD

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In this episode of finding grace today I’m joined by Dr David Hamilton PHD, author of 10 books around the field of kindness including ‘The five side effects of kindness’ and ‘How your mind can heal your body’, David is a scientist and researcher and uses this as the basis behind his work, he has been featured in the award winning documentary ‘Heal’, and is an advocate for kindness and is working passionately to help inspire a kinder world. 

His latest book the little book of kindness has recently just been released.

David and I meet through various hay house events and I absolutely love his work and message. 

Let’s face it the world we live in today we need all the kindness we can get. 

-In this episode David shares what ‘finding grace’ means to him and what made him transition from being a scientist to what he’s doing today. 

-He shares the benefits of kindness and its importance to share this. 

-We talk about why he uses science to back up his work and the importance of this in the field of research. 

-We discus his new book and he shares advice for anyone wanting to write, having written ten books.

David shares his wisdom and tools for a kinder life in this episode and I hope you enjoy it. 

I highly recommend reading Davids books they are available on amazon and in all good book shops and his latest one is great pocket book to carry in your bag and if you ever get chance to hear him talk, you won’t be disappointed, and he will get you laughing too. 

You can find David at www.drdavidhamilton.com, on instagram @davidrhamiltonphd and his facebook page David R Hamilton PHD

I would love to continue this conversation so do reach out, you can find me at www.hannah-wallace.com , on instagram @hannah_wallace11 and twitter @hannahwallace_

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Episode 18 - Finding Grace with Dr David Hamilton PHD

Meet David

- Author of 10 books including the latest one ‘The little book of kindness’.

- Speaker

- Known as the ‘kindness Tsar’ for Psychologies magazine and the life hacks month columnist for Soul and spirit magazine.

- Featured in award winning documentary ‘Heal’.

- Regularly appearances in the media, sharing about the power of kindness.

Do check out David and the body of work he has produced, David is what you would class as a lovely human, but someone who has done years of research on kindness and the body mind after leaving the pharmaceutical industry using science to inspire and to write books educating people in how they can harness their mind and emotions. He is passionate advocate for kindness and is working to inspire a kinder world. He also very funny if you go to see him talk, which I would recommend.

I hope hearing David inspires you to be a bit kinder to others and yourself, because the benefits speak for themselves.