Ease yourself into February ......

Ease yourself into February ......

As we wake up from the January slumber, I’ve heard so many people say, January was the practise run and now they’re ready to start as it’s February.

February provides hope, as we know we are at the half way point between winter and spring with the pagan festival of Imbolc. 

So we start to feel the excitement again after the lull that post Christmas/New Year brings and we want to get everything done and we get caught up in it all. Often when we want to get everything done, we try and do it all once, and what tends to happen we get overwhelmed and end up often not getting what we want done, giving up or wondering whether it’s ever going to happen. 

It’s often how we approach things, which affects how we get things done. 

When I talk about getting things done, it may well be a very small thing depending on where you’re at in life, anyone reading this who is dealing with a chronic illness for instance, it will look different to someone who has a business or work they're wanting to get done. Whatever it is, the approach behind it is what matters, so we don’t get overwhelmed and we can move through things with a bit more ease, and get what we want done and flow onto the next thing. 

So heres some of my tips for this.

Get clear

I say this a lot because it really matters, very often when we do things we think we should be doing because everyone else is, when in reality its not what we want. 

So ask yourself :

Is this what I really want?’  

‘Why do I want it?

‘ How does it make me feel?’ 

Answering these key questions will really help with this and be honest as it will only help you in the long term, and align with what works for you. 

It’s good to know what you don’t want because it allows you to see what you do want.

Choose the pace that works for you

This is key, why, because the simple fact is we are all different. What will work for one person, won’t work for another. You may be really busy or dealing with a chronic illness for instance and taking on too much your more than likely find you won’t get what you want done, and so the pattern continues if you haven’t worked it to a time scale that works for you. 

Get real with this, if you do in the long term you’ll start achieving what you want and sustain it, if you have set a pace that works for you. 

You’re more than likely go on to achieve more in the future because you understand your own rhythm and when we work with this it makes things possible. 

Run your own race

This is such an important one when we stop comparing to the outside and run our own race, we are no longer looking outside of us and we get things done in a way that works for us. It creates a shift where we can go on to continue to achieve more and we learn to alter the pace as needed. 

Now it’s good to get inspiration from the outside and be inspired by a system someone is using, thats different to comparison. 

But when we are judging or comparing ourselves, when it’s not working we start building up resistance, so choosing to run your own race you will release this and you work with inspiration in a positive way. It reconnects you to yourself and when you do this you get much more flow and ease in your life.  

I hope this is a helpful reminder and your February goes well and you enjoy the glimmers of spring as nature starts to awaken. 

All my love 

Hannah X