Why aren't I there yet? .....

Why aren't I there yet?

My friend commented to me the other day how January seems a long old month, it seems to be the ‘meh’ month for a lot of people. The come down after Christmas and New year, hits people and the goals they may have set, seem to get lost by the way side, and people feel a bit run down. Often when people want to achieve something they want it right away, getting into the habit when X, Y, Z happens life will be better. They detach from the present moment, forget about enjoying the process or even giving themselves the opportunity to, and it all becomes a bit much, so we want January over. 

So how can we shift this?

I think how we look at something is everything.

I tend to think of January as a reflective self care month, where rather than pushing the things I want to achieve I explore them, and plant the seeds. I plan how I can achieve them without feeling run into the ground and not wishing the time away. 

It’s good to feel where you want to be, but at the same time to not negate the present moment. 

After the busyness of December, it’s a good time to pull back and focus on the present. The power of the present moment allows us to get clear, see where we’re at and help us stay grounded. This lays good foundations, and good foundations create strong ground as we know, which will only benefit us in the long term. This helps us achieve what we want and feel more fulfilled.

January can often feel a bit flat and dark but using this time to look after yourself and to reflect ready for the months ahead can be really useful, never under estimate the importance of self care and what it does for your outer world in the long term.

If we get caught up in this flat feeling we start looking around us comparing ourselves to others, which only leaves us feeling not good enough. We jump on the, ‘why aren’t I there yet’, ‘look what they’ve already done’ with the things you want to achieve, forgetting everything is a process and even when you get there, it’s not like your life will magically be happy ever after, because life is on going process, which will mean you’ll be looking for the next best thing.

We end up forgetting to enjoy life, and taking in the moment, we forget happiness and laughter should be high up on our list in daily life and these feelings nourish our souls. I’m not saying to ignore the things we need to deal with, but understanding these positive feelings will actually help us achieve things in a much better way than the stressful ones. Gauging your feelings around everything can really help, so try and clear on this.

Lastly whatever you're trying to achieve or how you’re trying to navigate your month ask yourself ‘why am I doing or feeling this?’

 Is it actually what you want or what you think you should be doing. Getting clear on your why, is something I always encourage everyone around me to always explore, because it gets you in a space of right alignment to where you really want to be. 

Please remember wherever you are, however you’re feeling, do you.

Ease into this year and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your processes, and remember there is no right or wrong way. 

We are all different its finding what works for you. 

Above all be kind to yourself!

All my love 

Hannah X