Five ways to activate the magic of Autumn equinox



Equinox is a magical time, a point twice in the year where the amount of light and dark in the day becomes equal, the energy of equinox’s help us release things, detox, create change and have a mini reset and plant new seeds. 

As we watch nature turn, and the leaves change colour and we watch nature die off ready for the winter slumber, it’s a deeply powerful and reflective time. We are cyclic by nature and when we fully reconnect to our cyclic nature, we re-balance and more deeply connect to ourselves and our own rhythms, which is really beneficial for our wellbeing. 

Plus the time to get cosy inside, with warm drinks and the snuggly jumpers thats the extra bonus. 

We are in the last quarter of the year, so it’s a good time to think about all the things you’ve achieved or maybe not done and the direction you want things to go, so it’s a power set point.  

Here’s five ways to activate the essence autumn that I love to do. 

  • 1. Harvest time is upon us, it’s a time to get grateful for all the things that have blossomed throughout the year and be grateful for what you have, and to reflect on this and feel gratitude for all that you have. Writing a thank-you list is a powerful thing to do, and will activate the gratitude within you, when you read it back and feel the grateful energy, even for the smallest thing. When we truly connect to the energy of gratitude, it can really shift things in our lives.

  • 2. Have a clear out and let go of things that no longer serve you, let them fall away like a direct reflection of the leaves falling from the trees, sometimes without of trying the autumn energy will bring this about in our lives anyway, and we will find that things fall away in our lives that no longer serves us. Remember this, even if it feels hard when we let go of things, we are creating space for new things to come in and ones that are more in alignment with us. A declutter can be a powerful, and cleansing experience where we feel freer after.

  • 3. Because we are creating that space let it be a time to think about what you want to bring in for the next year ahead, think about those seeds you want to plant for the next year with intention. Write these things down, get clear on your why and how you want to feel, and how this will bring value and joy in your life. Maybe place it somewhere safe where you can go back to it, or some people like to fully release it and burn it to let it go because you know you’ve planted that seed within you.

  • 4. Give yourself reflection time, when you let things go and you’ve created that space within you, listen to that silent space and reconnect with yourself and get present with yourself. Often as we move towards winter with the holiday season, life can get very busy. So think about self care and how you can honour and nurture yourself. Plan this so when life gets busy, you prescribe a prescription of self care and nourishment, which is medicine that we all need. People often feel like there body is having a bit of a detox, with the turn of the season, so honour this and look after yourself, so you can enter into autumn with a spring in your step feeling cleaner from this release, ready to embrace the move towards the darkness of winter.

  • 5. Get outdoors and enjoy nature switching off from daily life for an hour, reflect on the changes around you and embrace natures autumn medicine. I know personally, I find so much joy looking around me and seeing the change that autumn brings and seeing the heady summer energy dissolve, and embrace the golden autumn energy and light.

Use these suggestions as a loose guide because all of our lives are different, but we can apply some of these things to our lives no matter how small the intention is. The whole point of connecting to the seasons and our cyclic nature is to understand it isn’t linear, so there’s no right way to do it, its learning to tune in and listen to yourself and find what works for you and be consistent with that and find your own rhythm. 

Use the power of meditation to connect with this reflective energy, if you sign up to my email there’s a free one, that will ground and centre you, you can find it on the site or in the pop up box. I will also share some of the exciting things ahead and a giveaway thats coming up soon.

Happy equinox to all those who are reading this. 

All my love 

Hannah X