The power of the waiting room.....



How many times when we are pursing our dreams or trying to get something to take off we end up feeling like its not happening and we end up feeling we are stuck in the waiting room, waiting for it to happen. Eventually we end up feeling blocked, and often people end up giving up because they think it’s never going to happen.

A friend only recently said to me, it feels like I’m doing everything but I’m still stuck in the waiting room. 

Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing more frustrating, we’ve all been there. 

But what can we do change this and shift it, to use the waiting room as a powerful place rather than viewing it as this place where nothing is happening. 

Firstly we tend to do things for outcomes which of course makes sense, we all have an end goal and vision, however what tends to happen along the way we don’t enjoy the process because we are so fixated on this end. The key here is to start enjoying the process which in some cases may feel tedious, but when you start becoming present with something it really does change things. We have to remember the end goal wouldn’t happen without the process.  

Stop comparing yourself to others the waiting room we can feel worse when we are looking around us and seeing others nailing it doing a similar thing, but all that you are doing is upsetting yourself, the comparison is not serving you in any way. So the key here is to run your own race, and yes I get it, its frustrating, but you will really help yourself by getting out the way of yourself. 

Everything/everyone has a season or a right time, you may well not actually be ready for it or its not the right time for you, which of course is frustrating when you feel so passionate that something needs to happen. But learning to honour this can be powerful, because you’re loosening your grip on it. 

Get out of the way of yourself, sometimes we end up getting stuck in the waiting room because we are so fixated, it needs to happen in a certain way, that we end up blocking another way for it to happen. Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t have an idea how it needs to happen of course we do, but its creating some space and allowing some flexibility in, which I get can be hard and I’ve been there, but its honestly the best thing, when we get out of the way of it. Whats more magical when we do, often it allows things to happen in an even better way. 

The waiting room can sometimes highlight to us when something isn’t right and that we need to make a change, if nothing is happening or moving. Its being brave enough to ask is this really what I want and is it in alignment with me, this sometimes actually gets things moving in the waiting room.

Decrease the importance, this may sound incredibly backwards but hear me out, when we make something so important, we can end up blocking it and keeping it stuck. Letting go a bit can enable something to actually happen, and you feel a sense of relief when you do let go. When we make something so important we end up putting it on a pedi stool this in reality isn’t a good thing to do, so its worth looking at this perspective if you are stuck in the waiting room and something feels like the world will end if it doesn’t happen. 

Lastly have fun, very often we get stuck in the waiting room and stop living because we get so fixated on what’s not happening. It doesn’t mean we should let go of our dream, but having fun can actually be a powerful ingredient to get us shifting. Life is to be lived after all, and it changes the context and perspective of the waiting room when you do . 

So if you're feeling like you’re in the waiting room right now or you’ve been there before, I hope this is helpful to read.

Let the waiting room be powerful place rather than a frustrating place. 

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All my love 

Hannah X