Stop chasing, start living ......

photo seth-macey-unsplash

photo seth-macey-unsplash

It’s all too easy to find your self spending your time chasing the next best thing, if you're a highly motivated person and you have these big ideas and see everyone around you doing it. 

Society has been set up to keep people chasing and stuck in the loop of it, and the more they chase the more they end up fearing what will happen when they stop. We think it’ll all crash down around us or we will be seen as a failure that we are not going for bigger or better. Social media often keeps us chasing because we see all these images, and it makes us think this is something we must do. 

Now this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have goals or shouldn’t have dreams or want to achieve things, it means that we don’t want to lose ourselves in the process and end up chasing the wrong things, or something thats not really in alignment with us. 

If we don’t bring balance back to within ourselves and live a little we end up burnt out, or feeling mentally disconnected, suffering from things like comparison. 

The truth is people end up forgetting to live, when we realised we’ve stopped living life truly and we are chasing things, life becomes very soulless. 

By living I mean living in the context that works for you as we will all have different definitions of this; but its important for your whole wellbeing and happiness and it will benefit when you do this.

So how do we cut the chase but still go for the things we want without feeling like we have to keep chasing them or we will lose them. 

  • Firstly get clear on what you really want because sometimes we chase things because we see other people having it and it’s working for them or they are super successful with it so we think we better chase after that. Even if deep down you know it’s not what you really want, get clear on your why you want it and what and how you want to feel and see if it really aligns with you.

  • We are all different some people are very high performance people, some people are wired differently, now this doesn’t mean you won’t achieve the things you want but when you can identify how your wired, this will change everything for you because when we work with our true blue print we begin to achieve the things we want and thats in alignment to us even if this looks different to another’s. We can take inspiration from others but if deep down you know, that a person is different to you, it’s better to find the way that's right for you.

  • Remember everything has a right time for you and sometimes we can find ourself chasing something when its not the right time for us and we haven’t laid the right foundations. So it’s important to look at this and bring some awareness to the situation we find ourselves in.

  • Get present, when we get present we can see things for what they are and if we need to make to changes.The importance of getting present regularly and using tools such as meditation and gratitude, are vital.

  • If something isn’t working out that we are going for get real with it and face it, because yes you may feel a lot of fear and that you are failure, but the sooner you identify this you can make changes to what will work. There’s no shame in something not working out. Repeat this !!! Super successful people have failed lots, it’s just they get back on it and aren’t afraid of this, and keep going.

  • Wellbeing is more important than anything because without it, eventually we will get the back lash in health or unhappiness, so making wellbeing on the journey is important as you go for the things you want in life.

I hope this is helpful bringing awareness to this topic, I’ve touched the surface here I could write so much more, step back and look at your patterns here, and ask your self ‘am I chasing all the time?’

Remember this, the things we often chase are things we have been told to or shown through others lives, ask yourself where it came from in the first place and give yourself the opportunity to live and find that balance, and chase something that really matters to you. 

Lastly don’t forget to have fun, we are almost scared of having fun as we are so conditioned that people wont take us seriously if we are seen having fun. Fun and play is good for the soul, medicine for the soul,  make this part of your living, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. 

Sending all who read this a good day.

All my love 

Hannah X 

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