Shifting out of the envy trap......

photo roberto-nickson-unsplash

photo roberto-nickson-unsplash

It’s easy to look at another persons life and feel envy or jealousy, that they have it all, or have it all together, which can be tough if you're having a difficult time or what you're doing isn’t working or you’re feeling disconnected.

Social media often highlights this because it’s in our face all the time with images of people, living what seems an amazing life or looking amazing. Which really tends to hit people hard if they aren’t feeling good about themselves or their lives.

The truth is, when you're feeling this its a deeper call to look within yourself, to support yourself better and be kinder to yourself. You can’t live another’s life as they can’t live yours and often when looking in at another’s life and feeling that envy, what we don’t know is what it’s taken to get there and bottom line of it is, they are only human and will have there own problems like the next person it’s just that maybe they are able to handle them better or they are just not showing that side of their life. 

I certainly know over the years with my health I’ve felt deep envy looking at what everyone is doing, and it looked like they had all it all. The truth is this didn’t serve me in anyway, as all I felt was upset and angry. I put it on a pedi stool rather than seeing they were going through their own stuff, all it did was keep me blocked and disconnected. 

Jealousy will only bring you down, and project onto to another the lack you're feeling in yourself and you still end up feeling miserable and even more disconnected. 

What if you were to shift this perspective and let another persons life inspire you rather than envy it, because thats the best place to start from. 

Dare yourself to feel happy for them because look at it from the flip side I know I would want people to feel happy for me, if things are going well. You don’t need to go over the top, but the energy of happiness is contagious, so try it and thats not to say you shouldn’t honour your envy and jealousy because you should, but once you’ve felt it know you have the choice to choose differently and work on letting it go. It doesn’t mean your circumstances will immediately change but it will create an inner shift which is always helpful. 

Very often we get so fixated on these outside things about what we think we want, we barely stop to check in and ask ourselves is it what we truly want, because more than often when we really stop and think about it, often its nots really in alignment with what we want or won’t serve us anyway. That’s the sure sign that envy has disconnected you, so the flip side here is you can use those feelings to get clear and come back to yourself and check in if its what you really want or will it actually work for you and take it from there. 

Envy will disconnect you from your own creativity which comes from within you because your taking it all from the outside, but when we disconnect from envy it taps us back into our own creative flow thats inside of us that we just forget was there, we will find we produce our best stuff, and we feel inspired from within. 

Lastly remember this things come in seasons for people often when you are looking at someone living their best life, what you forget is their journey it took to get there and there was probably the season they had it where it wasn’t like this and they were looking at someone feeling envy. Everything is temporary and moves and shift with time, disconnection just makes us feel like we are stuck so it all feels very permanent. We are cyclic beings by nature, when we remember this it allows us to tap into our own inner rhythms. 

So if you're feeling the green eye monster, I hope this is a helpful reminder to look at things from a different perspective. I’m not saying that it’s always easy but its defo worth exploring because it feels a darn site better than feeling trapped in the bubble of envy. 

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All my love 

Hannah X