Harnessing Summer Solstice magic .....

Harnessing Summer Solstice magic 

One of my favourite times of the year are the two solstices that occur, with the summer one just passed marking the start of summer and the sun at the still point like it does for a few days after, the journey back to winter and the dark nights has begun. 

However it is a magical time where we can release things, reflect on things and look where we are at, and harness our manifestations. When points like this occur, so it’s helpful to use this time to do that. 

The summer solstice marks the return to the light, and its there to remind us of the light that’s burning inside of us. It’s a time of illumination and more intense energy and helps us shine a light on things and burn through what no longer serves us. 

So how can we use this energy to help and get the most out of it. 

Here’s some of my top ways. 

  • Look back to winter Solstice and see what seeds and ideas you were planting in the deep dark winter season and how you can bring them to life now, as it’s the perfect time after the awakening that spring always brings. Reflect back on this and see how things have changed, or if they haven’t and asked yourself what can you do, to shift this.

  • The energy of Solstice is here to burn through things that no longer serves us, so give your self the time to write down these things down, and let them go, and welcome transformation. Rather than be hard on yourself if you feel you should be doing better, remember the fact we have these high energy times to illuminate these things and bring them to light and let them go, is powerful. I find writing it down and burning the paper helpful.

  • We are nearly at a half way point of the year, so give your self the time to see where you are with any goals/intentions you may have set in the new year, and if they are still working for you or even what you really want. Set some fresh ones, and the key here to remember, its about what you really want, and not what you think you should be doing or wanting, we are all so different and when we run our own race, thats when the magic happens. This is a problem to so many of us struggle with because we are looking to the outside, rather than listening to our own inner guidance. It’s good to reflect on things like this, especially if you have been feeling things haven’t been going the way you wanted them to go, it gives you time to have a reset.

  • Reflect on what you’re grateful for, the power of appreciation and gratitude is never to be underestimated, and often we are so hard on ourselves we forget how far we have come. When we practise appreciation, it reminds us of how well we are actually doing and how far we have come, and not only that it brings more of the good things to us, when we are putting our focus on what we are grateful for, it really is a game changer. I would always encourage this as a daily practise anyway.

  • Lastly at high energy times, it a good idea to celebrate yourself, often we are so caught up in life, we forget to live and to be happy and to appreciate ourselves and what we are doing, so shine a light on these things no matter how small they are. Remember you are the one who’s living within yourself day to day, so when we are constantly down on ourselves it plays out into our outer lives. Baby steps all the way because I know for some people if they are so conditioned to think negatively about themselves, the thought of celebrating themselves is a bit much, never the less we all to begin somewhere.

I hope the above is helpful and you can give some of these things a go, to use the heady summer energy to make the most of things for you and what you want.

If you are highly sensitive its worth noting during these high energy times such as Solstice, it can feel a bit intense and you can feel quite tired. So self care is super important, the basics such as nature time, keeping yourself grounded, plenty of water and nourishment, clearing your space, meditating, salt water baths, basically anything that helps you to feel good during this time to get the most out of it. 

Above all be kind to yourself. 

If you do want a meditation to try, there’s a free one if you sign up to my email list available across my website, its helps you to feel calm and grounded. 

Sending you all summer Solstice blessings. 

All my love 

Hannah X