The power of getting present ....

photo by Robin Benzrihem

photo by Robin Benzrihem

Being in the present moment is something we all aspire to do, I know I do, but let’s face its often easier said than done, especially when we are swept up by life and end up future tripping or caught up in the past. 

The power of the present moment is not to be underestimated, it allows to get present with ourselves and our bodies and really feel whats going on. 

It allows us to think more clearly and focus on what we are doing in that moment when we get present.

It gives the opportunity to be present for the people around us and feel more connected to them. 

It allows to get in touch with our senses, and simple thing like we end up enjoying our food more when we really taste it.

Above all its good our mental wellbeing because when we are focused in the present moment, it gives us a break from the things we have been stressing or worrying about.

Our mental wellbeing is often tested with how frantic and busy life can be so giving ourselves the opportunity to calm the mind is a very good idea. 

Now I’m not suggesting it only works if you are aspiring to be a zen master, more than likely it will be something, you will have to always practise and keep coming back to align with the present moment. But it’s worth it, and if your thinking well this is all very well but, I’m just so busy its almost impossible, remember if you’re feeling distracted your giving that plenty of attention, you can definitely give your mind the opportunity to have present moments.

It’s like any muscle it needs working on, and over time you will find it easier and your life will feel the benefits.

Here below is my top five tips for helping you get present, that I find helpful in my daily life. 

  • We all love our phones so set a phone reminder a few times a day with a mantra or positive word or affirmation, that when it flashes up it brings you to the present moment, pause with that message, and even if its a few minutes feel the sensation of that moment, even take a deep breathe. It sounds simple but it helps. 

  • When you are with people, try and give them your full attention, it’s a powerful thing to do and improves our relationships in general and helps us feel calmer when we leave, especially if we’ve rocked up distracted.

  • Simple but effective set a timer for a few minutes place your hand on your heart and breathe into this space, this is a powerful practise that can bring us back to the present moment. Even with very little time, this is a practise you can add into daily life.

  • In super stressful moments where don’t feel we are thinking straight, try and find the nearest toilet, shut yourself in and give your self a few moments and breathe. The breath is something that when you become aware of it, it brings us to the present moment. 

  • This is one I love, the stress ball, pebble or crystal, if your working keep it where you can see it and throughout the day pick it up during that moment it’s making you present, practise with this action as much as you can, it’s simple but effective, even if it only gives a few moments of relief. I also have one in my handbag so when I’m out and about if I’m feeling all over the place I reach for it. 

These are just a few ideas I find helpful in my life, there’s lots of different ways and it’s finding ones that work for you and setting that intention to get present in your life is also helpful to.

I would also encourage you to meditate, its medicine for the soul and I get that people have super busy lives, but just ten minutes a day is proven to be really beneficial, and helps you get present and feel more calm. 

There’s actually a free meditation when you sign up with your email on my page, so hop over and take a peak if your interested or sign up via the pop up box.

I hope everyone reading this found it helpful, I would love to hear how you get present in your life and if you struggle with this. 

All my love 

Hannah X