I get by with a little help from my friends.....

photo by @julia-caesar unsplash

photo by @julia-caesar unsplash

It’s funny that as I was thinking about writing this, I posted my quote on Instagram when I was tired and didn’t get someone to check what I’d written. 

The next day one of my girls text me saying maybe check your post I can help you as well. I knew this translated as Han there’s a few mistakes on there. I got straight on it and quickly saw it was dyslexia at its finest. I had edit and got some help, I’m sharing this because there’s no shame in getting help. 

As you can probably gather I’m dyslexic and on top of this, living with brain fog from the chronic illness it’s been a real struggle at times. It’s been the barrier thats taken me so long to start my book and this website. It was a real fear of being judged and the judgment I placed on myself which blocked me and stopped me moving forward. I’m grateful for the people around me who showed me that it was possible and that there are many people writing successfully in this situation. You just have to ask for help and that’s what editors are for as well, so taking this forward felt scary but possible, I felt like someone would see through me which of course is me creating a story. 

I knew I had to be comfortable asking for help and change the story, this isn’t weakness this is me taking a positive course of action that will help me achieve something I’ve been wanting to do.

So how do we move through this ? 

We have to move through these ideas that society puts out that we have to be strong, do it alone, and realise we are part of a tribe and in a tribe we help each other. 

The key to getting round this is being willing to look at this differently, realising that getting help will empower you and make things easier and at times help us achieve the things we want to do. It felt different asking for help from someone checking my writing rather than my health, with my health I felt like I had no choice, with this I felt I should be able to this and not bother anyone. With my health it was a case of needing help with sometimes the most simple things, which if in that situation you soon learn to accept it because it allows you to get more out of your life and things are easier.  

Here’s the thing, there is no difference, the more we support ourselves with the things we need the more supported we feel and this feeling will positively affect what we do. It gives us momentum to succeed, and it makes us feel like we can dare to achieve more and that it really is possible. 

I for one can testify that moving through these blocks, taking the encouragement from others and asking for help has brought me to this place. Which I’m truly grateful for and things really feel possible, and as someone said to me Hannah ‘you are not an island’, which is indeed very true.

So if you’re struggling in some way whatever it may be, reach out, empower yourself and your life and make the things you once felt impossible now possible. 

Do you struggle to ask for help? 

Do you think it equates to giving in or weakness and it makes you feel uncomfortable?

Are you blocking yourself from what you want to achieve and making your life difficult? 

If you can relate to these questions be willing to explore this and look at it differently and watch how your life improves. 

All my love 

Hannah X