The magic of the resilience muscle...

photo by David Marcu on unsplash

photo by David Marcu on unsplash

Resilience is something we’ve come to learn that is a quality we all require in the world we live in today, with its ebb and flow of competition, comparison and all the things that generally test us. Growing up we all begin to experience that if we don’t become resilient it can be very tough, it can keep us stuck, unhappy and feel like we are not good enough and we don’t bounce back. It’s also that thing of actually having to face that life can sometimes be up and down and I know for me I just wanted everything to be ok so I struggled with it, there’s no magic formula we are taught to become more resilient. 

Basically, life happens and its how we respond, we can look around us and take inspiration from the people around us who are resilient and learn from them, which is always valuable and helpful, but like always we are all different so it’s important to do what feels right for you. It’s using discernment without ego from the things we learn.  

I know for me when I first became unwell I couldn’t see a way out and I didn’t cope because my life had essentially been shattered into pieces, all I knew no longer was. After the initial shock and mourning, I began to realise I had to choose life no matter how it looked and become more resilient to this situation that had happened to me. Because once you do that, the door opens to more positive things, you cope better, and you feel a lot better in your head it doesn’t mean you don’t get sad, it doesn’t mean you don’t slip up but you're come back is better. Once you strengthen the come back you feel stronger to cope with whatever life throws at you. You are able to ride the ebb and flow of life rather than sink in it, you learn to swim so to speak. 

The key to strengthening this magic resilient muscle is baby steps, get clear on what you need if you are in a situation or life is tough, clarity is everything and ask someone to help you with this if you are struggling to get clear. 

I make a list of qualities that I think would help it doesn’t mean I’m going to meet them all but it gives me clarity and something to focus on.

We also need to look at resilience as a positive thing, not something that's putting on a brave face but a quality that will serve and help us cope with life. How we look at something is everything so looking at this will help you get clear on what your perception behind something is and if it doesn’t resonate consider looking at it differently it really is a game changer when we choose to look at something differently.

For me personally tapering resilience with love, changed it, it made it softer and something that felt good and so when I’m faced with needing to strengthen that resilience muscle I infuse it with love, and it feels powerful, and it strengthens that muscle. 

Most importantly as I close this off be kind to yourself we are often more resilient than we give ourselves credit for. 

Do you feel resilient?

What does resilience mean to you?

All my love 

Hannah X