Kindness magic.....



We’ve all experienced it when the act of kindness from another human, is the thing that shifts everything, or makes your day. 

Kindness is where we find grace. 

I certainly know I have experienced it and it’s powerful, even down to the little things. Heres the thing with kindness it doesn’t have to be a massive thing, it could be as simple as someone buying you a cup of coffee or taking the time out to check in how you really are. 

More importantly we need to be kind with ourselves this is usually the last person who we are kind too, when we do this our relationship with ourselves transform. 

The simple act of kindness is magic, and we need to cultivate it and practise it. 

Studies have shown, that you can actually build your compassion muscles as you practise it. 

Take yourself to a moment in your mind where you experienced an act of kindness, feel it remember what that felt like, how blessed you felt. Make it your mission to give this gift to someone else. 

The thing with kindness there’s science behind it, the Author and speaker David Hamilton ( a soon to be podcast guest) , writes all about this in a number of books.

Kindness is good for our well being over all, the positive affects of kindness can be contagious and its affects can be witnessed in the brain improving peoples mood. 

Kindness produces oxytocin, often refereed to as the love hormone, which increases our mood lowers our blood pressure and can help us feel more optimistic. Kindness can even help lower the stress hormone cortisol. 

So kindness is a win win for everyone, it has nothing but benefits. 

Now I’m not talking here about being a doormat and just giving, but using kindness to be good to yourself too. 

Being kind feels good, bottom line so how can we cultivate it. 

  • Do a random act of kindness for a stranger, I often buy the person behind me in a coffee shop a drink, it feels so good and there’s nothing better than seeing the look on someones face. 

  • Buy a big issue or a drink for a homeless person this can literally be day changer for them. 

  • Offer to help a friend who maybe struggling. 

  • Hold a door for someone or compliment them, these are simple things but powerful, being nice costs nothing.

  • Take an interest in what’s going on in peoples lives this act of kindness can be so transforming because often people are so busy we forgot that simple things like this really make a difference. 

  • Gift someone something, there’s nothing better than someone receiving a surprise it feels so good, and its wonderful watching how it makes someones day. 

  • Send someone a card or letter, this small act can be a magical thing for someone to receive. 

  • Offer to help someone you see struggling, this can literally change their day. 

  • Make time for someone, human contact is so good for our well being, or if you can’t see them pick up the phone. 

  • Sharing online, or giving someone a shout out, can really make someones day, when we live in times of such competition, doing a kindness like this feels so good. Nothing is better than sharing what your friends or the people you admire are up too. 

  • If you know someone is struggling or living with chronic illness reaching out and asking if there’s anything you can do to help is powerful. The simple act of asking makes someone feel seen. I know for me the people who have come and picked me up took me for a coffee has literally transformed my day. 

These are just a few things, and here’s the thing there’s no right way to be kind, its just doing it, big or small, get practising and watch this magic unfold. 

Now back to being kind to ourselves, this is vital, we live in times where there’s a lot of pressure on us and we often feel compelled to go along with things. 

Being kind to ourselves can range from self care stuff such a taking time to meditate or having a bath, and obviously there’s a range of things we can do that’s for another post. On the flip side being kind to ourselves can be the more powerful things such a boundary setting, saying yes to things we want to and no to things we want to. These powerful acts can be valuable kindness to ourselves, which if applied can positively change our lives. 

So remember kindness comes in all forms and what we need to know is its good thing and a good thing to practise and do lots of. 

So I challenge you to this, practise an act of kindness everyday (no matter how small) for 28 days and I promise you this …… 

You will notice a shift and change and more importantly you will feel good ! 

All my Love 

Hannah X