Five ways to Spring into Spring

Five ways to Spring into Spring

As a big lover of all the seasons, I love working with the seasons to connect to my own rhythms. 

We have emerged from a long winter and now we are waking up to Spring, what I love with the equinox is, it’s a powerful point of balance as equinox represents a day of equal light for the day and night. 

Spring is exciting time for people, life is waking up after the Winter slumber, it can feel full of hope.

Life is beginning to blossom again and the days are getting lighter and the weather is getting warmer. 

What we need to do is harness is this energy in a balanced way so we don’t get caught up in the excitement of Spring and then feel frazzled before we’ve made it to Summer. 

Heres five ways to harness this energy and get optimal benefit. 

1 Have a good clear out, this creates space and a good environment to start new things. 

When we let go of things, it frees us up. Often when we are holding on to things it blocks us, Spring is the idea time to birth new ideas so freeing up blocks is helpful. With the Marie Kondo effect theres never been a better time to do this. 

2 Rearrange your living space sometimes simply moving things around really helps things feel renewed, and give your living area a refresh, it feels good when we open up and shift a space. Sometimes it can be as simple as rearranging a shelf or changing a picture, moving a chair around or even getting some new cushions. These things may sound simplistic but they can really help shift you. 

I would always suggest some Spring flowers as nothing brightens up a space better than some lovely flowers. 

3 Get outdoors, with the weather warming up and things coming into blossom. Nature wakes us back up. We’ve been stuck indoors with Winter, so getting outdoors with reconnect us and get us ready for birthing new things. Breathe in the air, move your body if you’re able to, we often get more stagnant in winter so, even just small changes like this can help.

If you’re not able to, remember even the smallest things make a difference. 

4 What new ideas things are you wanting to bring into the world, what are you wanting to birth or what new thing are you wanting to try.

Springs hopeful energy is the perfect time to do this, so even if it’s planting a small seed, take the action no matter how small.

When we move forward in this way, it creates momentum so give it a go, get past the not enough voices or I’ll never maintain it and take that action.

5 Give your body a boost, with some healthy eating or introducing something new like a supplement. Often in winter immunity can get hit, so doing things like can help and get that spring back in you. I suggest in order to get affect from something try one or two things that you will stick to rather than too many things, as people often end up overwhelmed and stop doing it before things have had anytime to work because it feels to much.

Small changes can help lead to bigger things never forget this and remember you need to give things time to work. 

Happy Spring to all those reading and hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, consider giving some these things a go, and take time to pause and take in the magic of Spring, and know all the steps we do with things add up, theres a much beauty in simplicity rather than over doing it. 

All my love 

Hannah X