Navigating your emotions…. 



It can feel intense with our emotions, when we feel over the place with them or even numb with them, so what we need to learn to do is navigate them and become ok with all of them. 

So we can take our power back. 

Emotions are something we all have, and whatever you’re feeling the good and the not so good feelings or emotions they are feed back. We can actually be thankful for this feedback and know that it’s actually guiding us. When we can get on top of this, it helps us feel more grounded, aligned and stable. 

So how do we navigate them? 

To begin with honour the emotions your feeling and get clear on what you’re feeling. Write down the emotions your feelings, no matter what they are. It’s important not to judge this, because it’s very easy to do this especially if they are negative ones. 

Very often when we are into positivity and self help we often become worried about negative feelings and emotions. 

Firstly you need to stop this worry, if they are coming up rather than judging them or worrying about them. I always thank my negative emotions for the feedback they are giving me because they are giving me guidance with where I am, even when its tough.  

Feel them, name them and  know they are feed back. 

We don’t need to dwell in them, but also not by pass them. The more we practise this, the more we can shift with this, and this how we start to navigate them. 

Aside from the emotions you are feeling, something you can do help navigate them is to set an intention of how you want to feel, because the power of intention works like this.

It gives something a direction, and a set point and when you feel good towards that intention it helps shift your emotions. This is something I suggest doing regularly, as consistency creates momentum, and the more you do it the easier it becomes. 

The powerful thing with intention is, its you becoming aware and taking your power back, which helps when your emotions feel all over the place. 

Remember this there’s no right or wrong way to choose your intention, its what feels good to you, so it may look different to someone else’s but that’s ok. 

The thing with our emotions is, it’s about us getting aware with them and this helps us feel more empowered and in control with them. It allows us to know the times when we have to let our emotions flow out, we all get hit with things at certain points in our lives, where we have to allow the flood gates to open and other times to bring some logic to them. It’s remembering whatever we are feeling that we need to own it. The thing is, sometimes things need to worked on and healed to help shift them. 

Getting still with something like meditation is another powerful tool, when we feel overwhelmed meditation allows us to create space, slow down the mind and this allows us to think more clearly.

We are able to navigate our emotions more clearly, once we have more space. 

I find using guided meditations more helpful when we struggle with meditation, there are many resources out there.

There’s often judgment if someone is seen as too emotional or the opposite, not emotional at all. Be kind to yourself, and don’t judge yourself and don’t let labels like this allow you to think of yourself in a certain way, when we do this it keeps us stuck in a certain place. 

Bottom line we are all different how we deal with things, it’s when something is running us or overwhelming us, then maybe it’s something address and we need to learn to navigate it, whatever end of the spectrum we are on. 

If we do this, we help ourselves and our lives, and we feel better, more grounded and more in control. 

Above all be kinder to yourself because kindness is a powerful tool to help navigate our emotions, it dissolves the fear and judgment, and how we approach it comes from a place that allows us to heal things, and feel stronger. 

How do you navigate your emotions? 

All my love 

Hannah X