Letting go.....



Following on from the last post, all about honouring the seasons, what kept coming up for me in conversation in the last week was letting go, which is the key to this autumn season. During these conversations we kept coming back to why do we find ourselves holding on to things longer than we should - even things that aren’t good for us. 

I certainly know that I struggle with this, even when my rational mind knows the right thing to do. This is a perfectly human thing so when you’re giving yourself a hard time over this, know that you are not alone. 

 Often the things we need to let go of especially the things that aren’t good for us make us feel comfortable when actually it's the fear to let go of them, because it will leave us with the unknown. 

This unknown leaves us with the fear what if it's worse than what we have left behind. 

The truth is we don’t always know, but if things in our life aren’t feeling in alignment no matter how big or small, it’s indicating to us that we need to make a change. 

The best way to start is small and to get clear. Make a list of the things you need to let go of and mark them from what’s small to the bigger things. Obviously, if you’re feeling brave tackle the big things but more than likely you may find starting with the smaller things easier. 

Get clear on how letting go makes you feel, if it triggers fearful feelings look to shifting and changing these feelings. It will really help set a good foundation for letting go, taking baby steps with shifting these feelings may seem like nothing at first, but it will build momentum and pay off in the end. When we witness our fears they have less of a hold on us.

The next key is to identify that when you let go that an empty space has been created, and this is a powerful opportunity to fill it with something that you want that will enhance your life, so get clear with this and even this isn’t an instant thing, it’s the intention behind it that is everything.

Something I found incredibly powerful when a friend put it to me was to write down, ‘What's the worst thing that could happen if I let go of this?’. In a funny way, it helps because even if it isn’t great when you see this worst scenario, more than often its always ok in the end. This will help you take your power back, and it allows you to see everything for what it is. 

I would advise if you are struggling to enlist a trusted friend who’s not going to judge because this can really help you in the process of letting go, and you will feel more supported. 

Most importantly on this journey is not to judge yourself if you're finding it hard, often we may have to keep coming back to something before we fully let it go but sticking with it is key and knowing it’s ok to mess up and not be perfect. When we show ourselves kindness it’s easier to let go.  

So as the autumn moves into full force and we watch the trees turn into beautiful colours and the leaves fall away, I wish you love and support for anything you may need to let go and know that you've got this.  

What do you need to let go of?

Do you find it hard letting go? 

All my love 

Hannah X