Do you honour the seasons?…..



It’s so easy to be busy and get caught up in life to let the seasons pass you by without giving them any thought at all, aside from the occasions the seasons bring from warm summers, lambs in spring, to Christmas, Halloween or the personal things we love about them. When we see them in a more subtle way we can use them to assist our lives and our own inner journey, and work with them. 

We are now heading towards autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere at the weekend, which signify’s the beginning of autumn. Like the spring equinox it’s the one point in the year where approximately the day and night are equal. It marks the change in the direction the sun’s rays falling on the earth.

It’s a good time if you need, to have a reset and let the things that no longer serve you to fall away, which is what autumn is all about not just leaves falling off trees. Balmy summer evenings are over, the crops are gathered for harvest, it’s also a time to get in tune with gratitude for all the things you have and to feel the appreciation for this. Harvest’s deeper meaning is about being thankful for the things we have and to honour that. Gratitude is a powerful practise that realigns us, and so give yourself some time to do this.

As we move into autumn we ready are selves for winter, where hibernation begins. Where we move towards the darker days which often people dread, so it helps when we can reconnect to this in a different way. 

I personally love autumn visually it’s a beautiful season, I know for me I make sure the window before the equinox is a time to have some reflection and look to where I need to restore balance in my life, what I need to let go of, and have a bit of a clear out to make some space for myself. I find it doesn’t need to be big gestures, lets face life often has lots going on. But when we do make windows of time for the small things it most definitely affects our well being in positive ways and this spreads out into our outer life. For instance simply getting outside in nature reconnects us with this.

Letting go of the things that are no longer working for us can be hard sometimes because the unknown is often scary, but this creates space for new things to come in, so honouring this aspect of autumn can be really beneficial. 

When we reconnect with seasons in positive ways it gets us more in tune with our bodies we become aware of our best times, our needs and where we perform better for instance. We are all different and getting to know this will serve us in the long term. We are cyclic beings and life disconnects us from that, as women this is shown to us even in our menstrual cycles. Getting in tune with the cycles of life reconnects us.

So what ever is going on in your life right now, give the forth coming season some thought and give yourself time to reflect on this.  And remember its doesn’t matter how small that thought is, its the showing up that counts. 

What does autumn mean to you?

Do you honour the seasons?

How does autumn make you feel?

Happy autumn!

All my love 

Hannah X