The permission slip .........

photo allie-smith-unsplash

photo allie-smith-unsplash

Recently I found myself having conversations that led to the fact we seek permission to feel better about things, whether it’s for letting go, showing up, playing big, resting, speaking up, major decisions such as leaving a relationship or stopping feeling so guilty about things. 

As humans we naturally want to please this often leads to us being over loaded by all the people pleasing, rather than filling up our own well or doing what we want. 

I certainly know this is something I have struggled with in the past and have felt guilty for and it’s something I have to regularly check in with myself on as it’s easy to slip back the other way. So I regularly have to give myself that permission slip or if I’m struggling I reach out to a friend. 

Often for me it comes about when I need to speak up, with my old people pleasing habits, and if I haven’t wanted to disappoint which I’m sure people can relate too. Or if I don’t feel I’m good enough to do something.

But the key here is learning to give it to yourself, and once you get into the rhythm of that, your life will flow better and you will feel better. 

So this is your permission slip as you read to listen to your heart and follow through to what you need or want. 

When we do this, it will initially feel uncomfortable and you may feel a bit guilty, but what happens is this, it benefits our wellbeing and the way we show up in life and how we are for others around us.

So what do you need a permission slip for in your life? ……

The first thing you need to focus on is how this makes you feel when you’re thinking about the thing you want. Especially if you feel responsible  for people around you, we often don’t look for a solution around this and we keep ourselves stuck.

Do you feel guilty or uncomfortable? 

Does it feel overwhelming or seem impossible? 

The truth is most probably negative emotions will come up because you wouldn’t be seeking permission in the first place, so I suggest if it feels overwhelming or you feel frazzled thinking about it, reach out to someone like I suggested above, often that sharing allows us to see more clearly and we feel we can action it.

Often if we are trying to take a leap in life or make a big decision, thoughts like ‘who am I to think this’ because in society we are often told to play it small, or ‘don’t be silly you’ll never be able to do it’ or achieve that ……. 

Well this is your permission slip to try, you will know deep down if you’re ready and equipped. Society gives us many mixed messages about achievement its our job to over ride the outside noise and listen to that inner voice. 

When it comes to rest and self care, it’s so important to give ourselves that permission because it really benefits us long term and the people around when we are at our best.

My suggestion is, if you’re thinking well this is all very well but x,y,z comes up to why you can’t, start small, give yourself permission to do that little thing, be a rebel and you never know you may well like it and realise this is something I need to implement in my life. 

Let me give you an example, a friend of mine was growing her social media fairly fast and she was having a few tough weeks and felt she couldn’t take time out from it, as it would affect her engagement and it would be bad for business. She realised after exploring this, how could she show up fully if she didn’t action what she suggested to people about self care and running a holistic business etc. She gave herself that permission slip, honoured what she needed and guess what it was fine. 

So remember this, often the fear in our head about something is often louder than the reality of something, and it’s learning to quiet that and listen to what’s really needed and give yourself that permission slip.

Ultimately this is how we find grace in our lives, when we slow and listen. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I would love to hear where you need to give yourself that permission slip in your life. 

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All my love 

Hannah X