Episode 4 - Finding grace with George Lizos

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In this episode I am joined by the lovely George Lizos who is a spiritual teacher and intuitive living in Cyprus.

We cover finding grace and what this means to him and how coming out the gay closet was a real grace moment and how this impacted the rest of his path with spirituality. We talk about the tools and techniques George uses to help empower people through his work, and all about the book he wrote and why he wrote it.

We cover taking the leap from leaving your job and moving back to your home country and doing work that’s more aligned with your soul and how he went about this transition to make it work for him to turn his work into a successful business.

We cover spiritual protection and much more, it was a pleasure to have this chat with George. I hope you enjoy this episode and find it helpful.

George and I met some years back when he worked at ‘HayHouse’, and we stayed connected ever since, and we both have a big love for ‘Harry Potter’ :) and I love nothing better than having a catch up with George.

You can find George on instagrams @georgelizos and his group ‘Spiritual tool kit’ which is free to join on facebook and please check out his website which is full of resources www.georgelizos.com

You can buy his book ‘Be the Guru ‘ from amazon, you can find this link on his website too.

Finding Grace episode 4 with George Lizos

Meet George

- Spiritual teacher and intuitive.

- Past life healer.

- Author of book ‘Be the Guru’

- Content creator of regular webinars and courses related to his work. You can find all this on his website.

- Host of the podcast ‘Lit up Lightworker’. Available on iTunes, spotify and soundcloud.

- George is passionate about helping empowering empaths to help them feel stronger to live their souls path and truth.