Episode 5 - Finding grace with Katie Brockhurst

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In this episode of ‘Finding Grace’ I am joined by Katie Brockhurst also known as ‘the social media angel’, we delve into how you find grace with social media, what this means to her and her work.

We cover the pressure and overwhelm social media can bring, and how she helps people shift this with her work. She brings some guidance and top tips to the table, and also shares her own personal journey with social media and how this makes her better at her work.

We delve into the book she’s written and the process she took with this, and what this book means to her.

We cover the future direction social media is taking, and her take on this and how we can find grace with this.

This is a jam packed conversation, with such a relevant topic which is integral to so many our lives and modern day living.

I hope you enjoy our conversation, please get in touch with any questions for either of us and please share, subscribe and review. I can’t wait to share more with you.

You can find Katie on instagram @katiekdot_socialmediaangel and her private facebook group ‘social media for a new age’. Do get in touch with Katie if you want to work with her, and her book is available to buy from amazon.

Episode 5 - Finding grace with Katie Brockhurst

Meet Katie

- Award winning author of ‘Social Media for a new age’.

- Speaker, consultant and mentor.

Katie lives in Glastonbury and is passionate about helping people and businesses to help manage their social media and marketing, and align themselves to make it work in the best way possible for them to impact with their work .