You are enough.....

photo by alvin-mahmudov-unsplash

photo by alvin-mahmudov-unsplash

I repeat this title ‘you are enough’ because quite frankly most of us don’t feel enough, let these words seep into your subconscious over and over again. 

Why is this? 

Why do many of us feel we constantly need to do more, be better, look better, sound better etc. Well to put it simply we are bombarded with this all the time not only from comparing ourselves to the people who are physically in our lives but from social media too and its constant. We are so hooked on the outside, seeing what we think we need to do we don’t feel good on the inside, and we end up feeling ‘not enough’ and we get in a cycle and create a pattern. 

In order to try and fix this ‘not enough,’ we then look to the outside for ideas to try and sort it, even if it’s going against what we really want or feel. 

Then what happens in the cycle we do it and we still end up feeling 'not enough' so have to get on to the next thing, and so it continues. Not only is this exhausting on a level without us even realising it, it leaves us feeling overwhelmed. 

I know for me I have been here many times and still do sometimes, I haven’t felt good enough for all the usual reasons. But all it does is make me stuck and unhappy and seek a never-ending solution, but choosing to feel enough feels like I’m taking my power back which feels good.

So how do we fix this? 

The world we live in today ‘feeling enough’ is a constant practice we need to keep working on it like the resilience muscle because there are so many ways we are taken outside of ourselves that direct us to feeling like we aren’t quite good enough. 

We need to get still and go inside of ourselves and even if we don’t like what we see, we have to get comfortable with that. By getting comfortable with the idea, where I am right now is enough and I am enough, stopping comparing yourself with everyone around you, will start to create a shift and at first it will feel like not a lot is happening but like anything you work at you will start noticing a change. Over time you will start to feel enough and it’s not to say you won’t be human and get triggered but your focus will be on the enough side rather than the ‘not enough’ side. 

Remember the big one here is probably most of the people you’re comparing yourself too in your 'not enough' mindset are probably feeling the same because it’s an epidemic, get real with this.

I like to get clear on things, so either sitting and thinking or writing what ‘feeling enough’ means and looks like to you is a very helpful exercise to do regularly. I write myself out a little mantra and put a reminder on my phone because in the moment I read it, it brings my focus back to it and helps me to connect with the feeling.

Getting grateful for what you have and things about yourself no matter how small helps too, so get making those lists and connect to that gratitude feeling of ‘you are enough’. 

Lets look at one thing here, not feeling enough takes work too as you’re putting a lot of focus and effort to ‘not feeling enough’ try flipping it to work on ‘feeling enough’, this is only a good thing that will improve your mental wellbeing and help feel better about yourself which will benefit your life in the long term.  

So wherever you are at with this get yourself moving towards that ‘feeling enough’ space.

All my love 

Hannah X