Episode 7 - Finding Grace with Lucy Sheridan

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On this episode of finding grace I’m joined by my wonderful friend Lucy Sheridan. 

Lucy is the UKs only comparison coach, lucy lives with her husband and dog Roe having recently moved back up north, she now commutes to London when needed. 

 Lucy is a coach, speaker and author and works with people one to one there is currently a pause on this, and most excitingly she’s just recently signed with ‘team gleam’ there will be a comparison book in your hands at some point, which I can't wait for.  She was featured on Oprahs life class series.

Lucy and I met online a couple of years ago, and have been friends ever since and I feel grateful shes in my life.

In this episode we delve deep into finding grace and comparison, and Lucy's take on this how you go about finding grace with this topic.

We cover Lucy’s journey with comparison, and why its been important for her to share this. 

We delve into the biggie social media and comparison and how to find grace and balance with this. 

We cover why it’s important to champion each other, and about sharing our wins and why we shouldn’t shrink away from this. 

Lucy shares her wisdom, guidance, tools and some great analogies she uses with her work, and how you can apply this in your life.

We cover so much in this episode, its jam packed, I hope you enjoy this and find it helpful, I know even I did. 

We loved having this conversation for such an important topic, if you have any questions for myself and Lucy please reach out.

You can find Lucy on Instagram @lucysheridan I recommend following for your daily dose of feeling a bit better about it all through her posts, filled with tips and advice. Her linktree is also on there you can find all the things that Lucy is up to. Extra reason to give her a follow is her amazing doggie Roe who features on there whom makes me smile always.

You can find me on Instgram @hannah_wallace11 and twitter @hannahwallace_ .

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Episode 7 - Finding Grace with Lucy Sheridan

Meet Lucy

- The UK’s only Comparison Coach.

- Speaker

- Author

- Webinar ‘host’ with her ‘Online comparison classroom’

- She will be co hosting a business retreat later this year in Tulum.

- Youtube host where she has a number of short videos for quick fixes all about comparison and how to tackle it.

Lucy is passionate about helping people free themselves from comparison in their personal and work life, to go on to live their best comparison free life. Her down to earth honest approach, will allow you to feel you can tackle this. Once you’ve discovered her work you will be hooked.