Episode 8 - Finding grace with Amy Dee Thomson

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In this episode of 'Finding Grace' I’m joined by my dear friend Amy Dee Thomson, a writer and speaker, who is an intuitive mentor who works with women specialising in Holistic Sexuality and soul beauty. 

Amy and I met at an event a few years back and have been friends ever since and  have enjoyed many insightful conversations on this topic. 

In this valentine episode we go in deep talking about finding grace and sex. 

We cover what its like to talk about sex and how you find grace with this in the world we live in today and why she's passionate about changing perceptions people with sex and about increasing open conversations. 

We delve into self love and sex and why this is important, and how changing the stories and patterns that surround sex help bring about change. 

Amy shares her wisdom, tools and guidance, and how she connects with herself sexually. 

I hope you enjoy this episode and find it thought provoking. 

Do reach out to either of us if you have any questions and if you wish to work with Amy one to one you can drop her a message and find her on Instrgram @amydeethomson and her website is www.amydeethomson.com and her facebook page 'Amy dee Thomson' she also has a private facebook group called 'The sexy self love club' which is free to join. 

You can find me on instrgram @hannah_wallace11 and twitter @hannahwallace_ and  my website is www.hannah-wallace.com

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Episode 8 - Finding grace with Amy Dee Thomson

Meet Amy

- Intuitive mentor

- Coach for women specialising in holistic sexuality and soul beauty.

- Speaker

- Writer

Amy is passionate about inspiring shifts in the sexy mindset of society, to an empowered and self loving state of being. Working with Amy is a game changer and she will shift you from a place of being stuck to a place of flow which will empower your love life for yourself and with others. Her holistic approach leaves no stone unturned.

She’s open and honest with her blocks and journey to inspire others its ok and safe to speak out to bring about change.